We're really excited that you want to book onto Dorset Venture 2018.  Dates for this year are 28th July to 6th August 2018.  Please reading the booking conditions carefully before completing the booking form below.  If you have any problems accessing or completing the form, please get in touch.

Please complete all the form in one go, before pressing submit.  Once you have pressed submit, a confirmation message will appear in place of the form.  Required sections are highlighted with an *.

Dorset venture Booking Form - Section 1
This first section relates to the young person wishing to attend.
Young Person's Name *
Young Person's Name
Dorset Venture is for young people aged 14-18 on the day the holiday starts. If you wish to discuss this please contact us using the Contact Us page of the website.
Section 2 - Travel and Accommodation Arrangements
This section is all about how you will be getting to camp, and information about who you would like to share a tent with during your stay.
Will you be wanting to travel with the supervised party from London? *
Please note: you must purchase the appropriate ticket for travel, we will only provide supervision from London Waterloo to Wareham on Saturday 28th July and for the return journey on Monday 6th August. More information can be found in the Booking Conditions (link above). Details, including times and meeting places will be given closer to the holiday.
We will do our best to accommodate everyone's wishes, but we cannot guarantee any tent sharing arrangements.
Have you been on an Urban Saints Holiday before? *
Section 3 - Parent/Guardian Details
These question all refer to the Young Person's parent(s) or guardian(s). We will still need an address even if the applicant is 18 and paying for the holiday themselves.
Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Name
Address *
Please enter something in each box.
If you don't have an e-mail, please enter "no@email.com", this will allow you to proceed with the booking while indicating to us that you don't use e-mail. Thank you.
Preferred Method of Correspondance *
We're keen to save on paper and postage where possible - please indicate how you would like to receive future correspondence regarding the Dorset Venture 2018 Holiday.
I’m happy for Urban Saints to keep me (the parent/guardian of the child attending) informed of news, events and appeals by...
Section 4 - Medical and Dietary Information
A medical form will be sent from the Holiday Leader shortly before the holiday commences, which will need to be completed and returned by a parent/guardian. However, it will help us if you would complete the following sections.
Please Note: We are committed to making our events and experiences as accessible and inclusive as possible so that everyone can get the best out of their time with us. To help us serve you as well as we can please discuss with us before the event the things that would help you most. If we don’t know in advance what you would like we may not be able to offer it at the event.
You can contact the Holiday Leader to discuss any particular matters. Please use the Contact Us page of the website.
Section 5 - Declarations
The Young person attending Dorset Venture should read and agree to the following three statements.
I understand that there will be Christian teaching on the holiday *
Please tick below:
I agree to give my support and co-operation to the Holiday Leader *
Please tick below:
I have read the behaviour expectations (in the Booking Conditions) and will behave appropriately at all times *
Please tick below:
The next statements should be agreed by a parent/guardian if the applicant is under 18, or by the applicant if 18 or over.
I agree to the Booking Conditions that accompany this Application Form. I support and approve my son/daughter/ward taking part in this holiday. By signing this, I apply for my child/ward to become a temporary member of Urban Saints and acknowledge that this will happen on acceptance of this application. *
Please tick below:
I understand that Urban Saints will treat the information given on this form in total confidence (except as required by law) and store it in full accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. It will be kept so that we can provide you with the information and services that best match your requirements and preferences. *
Please tick below:
We may take videos and photographs of holiday activities, and attendance at a holiday signifies agreement that these may appear in future publicity or other materials produced by Urban Saints, or materials produced by other organisations in sympathy with Urban Saints and to whom express permission to use the videos/photographs has been granted. Your details will only be made known to others outside of Urban Saints where we use, or collaborate with, other people or organisations to carry out work on our behalf. A duty of confidentiality will be imposed on such people and organisations. *
Please tick below:
I understand that Urban Saints will keep a record of my child’s name, address and attendance at this event to comply with safeguarding requirements. *
Please tick below:
Section 6 - Payment
Deposit and Payment *
Please tick the box to indicate that you agree to pay the deposit as described in the Booking Conditions, and to pay the balance of the holiday at least eight weeks prior to commencement of the holiday. (Deposit is £40).
Method of Payment *
Dorset Venture costs £200. There is a minimum deposit of £40 due immediately. The balance will be due on 02/06/18.